The EXCLUSIVE *design floor is a new proposal for 2011 in MIDAS offer. Elegant, original and extremely durable. Thanks to a brilliant surface as well as exotic wood pattern the floor looks delightfully. Excellent visual effect was reached thanks to special technology of bamboo wood production. Ecology and exclusive characteristics: for example strong resistance against scratching, antiallergenic features as well as exceptional hardness cause that the bamboo is day by day more popular on Polish market.

EXCLUSIVE* Design Bamboo Click H10 floor is of the highest quality floor made of bamboo wood. It ensures original, unique and exclusive look, particularly esteemed by people who want to distinguish themselves, who are interested in new trends and esteem pro-ecological life style. The main trump card of it is extremely high hardness,- the floor is 100% harder than oak floor. It does not have characteristic annual rings as other ordinary bamboo floors what causes that one looking over it is highly satisfied with its appearance and does not think about the material of which it was made.

Unique advantage of this floor is its thickness of 10 mm what together with the special assembly method called “Click” gives the possibility of very quick, problem-less self-dependent assembly in floating system (without using glue). The EXCLUSIVE* Design floor can be successfully assembled in drawing-rooms, halls, banquet rooms, offices, studies, hotels, etc. thanks to its assets.