ASPRO 2015 is a skirting boards collection of new, unheard-of until now construction on the market. Homogenous decorating surface guarantee unusual decoration effect. On top and bottom parts elastic rubber stripes are installed which ideally fit to the whole skirt. Such elements protect against dirt and moisture penetration under the skirt and simultaneously mask the whole floor and wall inequalities. Skirt construction enables not only quick and easy assembly but also safe installation and masking electrical cables of different kind. Particularly we want to attract your attention to the following three variants of ASPRO 2015.

– tamponaged skirts ideally presenting laminated floor pattern;
– skirts covered with elegant wood-like laminate with facture similar to wooden floors;
– skirts made with insert in silver and champagne colour made of real anodised aluminium.

ASPRO 2015 skirting boards system comprises all necessary accessories: corners, fasteners and ends. All elements match skirts decor.
Skirts sizes: height 54 mm and length 2.5 m.
Buying the ASPRO 2015 collection gives economical satisfaction and its assembly in each room guarantees personal satisfaction for years.