"Beauty in details"


More posibilities

AWW – Arrangements and interior finishing, the steel, aluminum and brass skirting, and all kinds of accessories

Taste, style, elegance

EDG – Exclusive Design by Formosa presents a mosaic of glass, stone and bamboo, glass tiles, stoneware and bamboo flooring

Information, direction, location

APO – Architecture Space objects, a broad spectrum of visual markers, such as. Information boards,

Rest, nature, silence

Leandro Gardens, the arrangements for your home and garden. From the terraced units through gardening tools, the wooden lamp into the bedroom.


"We do not follow a road, we mark it out."

The MIDAS company, including family businesses preceding it, has 20 years of experience in the production and sale of elements for interior decoration. It was created as a small family-run business, growing and investing in new products and technologies over the years. Today, it is a strong, thriving and successful company both on the Polish and foreign markets.

From the beginning, Marek Wesołowski has been at the top of the company. He is an entrepreneur with passionate and visionary nature, a person that is friendly and cheerful. Ingeniousness, innovative designs and full dedication to the company’s operations make him an unquestionable authority for company employees as well as for the whole industry.

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