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Would you admit that our client beautifully chose the white VICTORIA COLLECTION skirting board to arrange his bedroom? 👌 Get inspired, then go to comments and treat yourself to something beautiful. For yourself and for the place where you live.


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Historically about mosaics (INTERESTING!). One of the oldest, unfortunately incomplete (probably damaged during the earthquake) mosaic located in the Archaeological Museum in Naples (it was found in 1831 in the House of Fauna in Pompeii). He presents the battle of Issos in about 333, Alexander the Great with King Dariusz III (one of the scenes[…]


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We wish everyone that the Easter joy will🐣 result in spring energy and turn out to be lasting, while in hearts💕 leaves lots of warmth and optimism for future, giving strength💪 to start new, unusual challenges and decisions.

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Spring is just round the corner! ☀️🌡️ 1. Bring your terrace modules from basement 2. Encourage your kids to leave aside their phones and tablets 3. Start and enjoy your time during this arrangement 🤔 Don’t have any? buy here —> bit.ly/2FUdYjR


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Few jokers 😂 asked us today, if we have already decorated Christmas tree with profiles, mosaic and other products… Unfortunately not… Even though few of them really insisted we have decided to respect tradition and to decorate the Christmas tree in this way… Here is the proof! Merry Christmas! 🎄


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Good morning! 👋 Due to the constant development of the modern form of communication, we are launching our company’s official website on Facebook. We encourage you to contact us and at the same time to keep an eye on us… We promise it is worth it as we offer fresh and brave look to the future.In[…]


Exotic in your home – bamboo mosaic

Mosaic EXCLUSIVE design is recommended as a decorative wall. Mosaic with easy division into smaller elements, allows the composition of interesting designs and shapes according to the imagination. The current offer includes four sizes cubes in two colors – dark chocolate and light honey.



The EXCLUSIVE *design floor is a new proposal for 2011 in MIDAS offer. Elegant, original and extremely durable. Thanks to a brilliant surface as well as exotic wood pattern the floor looks delightfully. Excellent visual effect was reached thanks to special technology of bamboo wood production. Ecology and exclusive characteristics: for example strong resistance against[…]